Helvetica Management defines three different profiles of investment,

which meet the individual requirements of most customers:


This profile favors the preservation of capital and risk reduction


This profile tends to achieve higher profitability, but maintaining around 50% of the portfolio invested in low risk assets


This profile seeks a higher rate of return, with more frequent portfolio changes, resulting from a decision-making process based on the identification of trading opportunities


HELVETICA MANAGEMENT can also have a personalized approach, to meet any specific needs of individual customers

Asset management requires Client's assets analysis as a whole, but also the specific personal situation and goals taken into consideration, as well as the geographical location, the expected return, the degree of risk aversion and succession and inheritance planning.

We operate under an open architecture, giving our clients privileged access to the best funds and other financial products available, regardless of financial intermediaries, managers or distributors.

In times of strong stock market volatilities, our clients need a strong and stable partner who can understand and meet the financial challenges of today's ever-changing world.

We can ensure continuity in a context of financial sector concentration. Our unique partnership structure, based on independence and uncompromising defense of the best interests of our customers, allows us to offer the best of both worlds.

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